Thursday, 9 October 2008

North West Corfu

The north west region of Corfu extends over approximately 120 square kilometres and comprises some 60 villages. Most of these were established as a result of the local farmers’ need to be close to their land during the period of the olive harvest, from October to January. The 14,000 inhabitants, like those of the rest of Corfu, are employed in olive cultivation and tourism.

The Afionas peninsula at the north west of the island affords fantastic views towards Ag. Georgios Bay (see photo), with its long sandy beach and crystal clear water, and over the open sea to the Diapontian Islands.

Further down the coast is Angelokastro, a Byzantine fortress, sited on a rock 160m above sea level, surrounded by the sea on three sides with only one narrow passage connecting it to the land.

To the south of Angelokastro you will find Lakones and Paleokastritsa (see photo). Lakones is famed for its Bella Vista, which is said to be one of the best views in the Mediterranean.
Paleokastritsa consists of two large headlands and six coves, and the area's unique combination of lush vegetation, cliffs and sandy beaches has established it as a top-class resort where you will find some of the island's biggest hotels, best restaurants and liveliest bars. The clear, deep sea of the area is a favourite spot for scuba diving and harpoon fishing.


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